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Lash Virgin Starter Kit Small Eyes
Category : New to lashes
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Are you a lash Virgin with smaller eyes, or just looking for a subtle boost?

Start off with our Lash Virgin Small Eye bundle to make sure you have your bases covered. Bundle includes:


  • Quick Grip Liner 2-in-1 lash adhesive and eyeliner
  • Scissor for trimming your lashes
  • Applicator for easy application
  • Jaz Lite Mini (up to 15 wears)
  • Aria (up to 10 wears)

Style Jaz Lite Mini is our shortest most natural lash. Trim her for your eye size and she will look like your own lashes!

Style Aria is a clustered lash from our FAUXTENSIONS collection. Use any of the clusters on your outer corner to just enhance your natural lashes! 


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It is optional to wear mascara with false lashes, but we recommend applying some to your natural lashes to blend more easily to false lashes. Please see tutorial on how to page.