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Step 1: Remove lash by gently pulling the outer or inner corner of the band depending on where you are trimming

Step 2: Size for eye and cut from inner or outer corner depending on the desired look and length

Step 3: Apply layer of glue on lash band and dry for 1-2 minutes until glue is tacky

PRO TIP: For multi-day hold, apply one layer of glue to lash, wait until tacky and then apply second layer of glue and continue to step 4

OPTIONAL While glue is drying, curl lashes and apply mascara

Step 4: Apply lash with fingers or applicator starting from center of lash, then securing outer corner then inner

Optional: Use fingers or applicator to pinch real lashes together with Gimme Lash to bond them together. Use eyeliner under the lash line for a seamless look


Removal & Care

Step 1: Remove GIMME LASH by applying micellar water on a cotton round and gently apply pressure to eyelid.

Step 2: After the lash glue is loosen, gently pull lash off.

Step 3: Clean glue off lashes by using micellar to soak the band, this is only necessary if there is a lot of lash glue build up after several wears.

Step 4: Is to store your lashes in your GIMME LASH tray.