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Did you know, according to PETA, mink lashes can never be cruelty free?

How can this be true when major lash brands claim the mink fur they use is "ethically sourced", "free-range", and "cruelty free"?

The answer is simple yet unsettling - these major lash brands have been and are continuing to deceive you.


say no to mink lashes and yes to vegan lashes


Minks belong to the animal family Mustelidae.  In their natural habitat, minks are solitary, territorial animals, who love to burrow and swim.

The short fur of mink is soft, thick, and coated in oil to give a water-resisting quality. Because of these precious traits, mink have unfortunately been considered highly prized in cosmetic and clothing manufacturing. In fact, a former type of marine mink, Mustela macrodon, became extinct in the late 1800s due to its attraction within the fur trade. Sadly, European Minks are also currently endangered.

Present day, fur farms are the main source of imprisoning mink for commercial use.  Within these fur farms, minks are confined to small, wired cages overcrowded with hundreds of others.  Instead of the given opportunity to burrow, swim, bathe or act in any way natural to wildlife behavior, mink are terrified by the human interaction and brushing brought upon them at fur farms.  PETA also believes it is more likely that these farms are inadvertently killing the mink instead of only brushing them like they claim. There is simply no ethical sourcing of mink fur.

After we discovered the horrors of the inhumane exploitation of animals we began working on the #sayNOtomink movement. We are asking you to join us and to stand against animal cruelty and hold the brands that lied to us accountable.



To learn more, read PETA's full article in which they reveal the full ugly truth about why you should never buy mink lashes.