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Diversity & Inclusion

The every person in our society deserves quality in the aspects of life that matters most to oneself, without sacrificing ethical and moral considerations. At Gimme Lash, this is our core principle. We continuously strive to give the world a trusted and eminent product without violating our value of animal welfare but our values include more than fighting animal cruelty.


Our mission is not limited to a single lifestyle, gender, race, age, personality, religion, political preference, or geography. We do not ignore those factors, we embrace them. At Gimme Lash, we celebrate all cultures and strive to serve each individual’s unique and vibrant beauty. Our vastly distinct collection of lashes speaks to the idea of capturing the entire spectrum of diversity, and if you ever have feedback on how we can better create a product to serve your individuality, we strongly encourage and will value the feedback. That's the Gimme Promise.

Regardless of what your physical and biological features are, where you live, your orientation or gender and what your personal fashion is, we thank and celebrate you for being you.