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Our Mission


Here at Gimme Lash, we are passionate about an eco-friendly approach to beauty. We are dedicated to delivering quality lashes without cruelty. Gimme Lash will never launch products that are tested on animals or that contain animal byproducts. Our hand crafted synthetic fibers look and feel like real hair but we don't harm Minks. Our passion is the art of the perfect lash that is wearable, light and can be incorporated into everyday life. Gimme Lash is designed with the perfect curl to blend in with your natural lashes and is durable enough to be reusable. GIMME LASH's assortment offers endless styles for every eye shape and for every desired look.


Not only are Gimme Lash lashes sexy but they are sustainable too! We developed our packaging specifically for recyclability, without magnetics or artwork on the carton that can’t be recycled. Magnetics in cosmetics packaging are filling up landfills and cause irreversible damage to our beautiful planet. GIMME LASH packaging delivers a luxurious, soft touch design that is still aesthetically appealing without comprising Mother Earth.


We completely stand against animal cruelty and it is our mission to bring awareness to the cruel and inhumane exploitation of Minks being used to make lashes. GIMME LASH's heart and core is centered around the love for animals and our planet. We pride ourselves in educating consumers on the animal cruelty associated with some brands' lashes. We must come together to bring awareness to this devastating cruelty and join the movement to #SAYNOTOMINK!