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Our Story

Born in Astoria, Queens, Gimme Lash Founder Courtney Rose and her older sister had an irreplaceable sisterhood relationship from the get-go. As the sisters grew older, they both shared a passion for how cosmetics can enhance how people feel about themselves.

While completing her last year at Rutgers University, Courtney began an internship in Sourcing at L’Oreal working with external manufacturers on innovation. She continued growing her career there after graduation leading to role of Product Development Manager for Maybelline Cosmetics. In order to diversify her experience, Courtney accepted a professional opportunity at Shiseido a few years after as a Product Development Manager for NARS Cosmetics. During her time at L’Oreal and Shiseido, Courtney gained exceptional knowledge in the cosmetics industry, including learning the ingredients that go into the manufacturing process of creating cosmetics. In addition to professional endeavors, Courtney and her sister established a makeup studio in New Jersey, where they used their expertise and interest in cosmetics to specialize in makeup services for bridal parties and other events, along with providing educational tutorials in makeup application. Among Courtney’s specialties were applying lashes and training others, in which she became very familiar with the current lash industry and manufacturing materials involved.

Courtney is also a lifelong animal lover. Growing up with the love of her cat Jewel and beloved dogs Minnie and Lucky, love for animals is as natural for Courtney as a love for family, and she always believed all animals, despite household pet or wildlife, should be treated without cruelty. Due to this ethical and personal belief, Courtney was dismayed when she learned about the animal testing and animal farms that the cosmetic industry largely still leverages in present day.

Combining Courtney’s professional experience with the makeup studio and her passion for animal welfare, the idea of Gimme Lash was born. After doing further research into questioning how widely used mink lashes could truly be “cruelty free” and “free-range” as claimed by major lash brands, she learned the austere and sad truth that these claims are deceivingly false. Courtney is dedicated in building Gimme Lash into a vegan brand with optimal quality and comfort that the world can finally trust.