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Barely There How To

We are so excited for you to try Barely There! 


As a first timer, it make seem overwhelming to start but we promise, it's actually super easy!

Let's start at the beginning - finding your lash map.


Finding Your Lash Map

Ask yourself  - do you like your lashes rounded or flared?

If the answer is rounded, we recommend using 1 or 2 ribbon lengths varying by 2mm. Style B1 in length 8mm and 10mm (B108 & B110) shown below:


Barely There How To


If the answer is flared, we recommend using 1 to 4 ribbons (minimum 2 ribbons), varying by 2mm to 4mm. The below is a flared look using Style B2 in lengths 8mm to 16mm.


 Barely There How To

For the most natural look, we recommend doing some level of tapering. This means you use a shorter lash on the inner corner and a slightly longer lash for the outer. 

Once you know what ribbons you will be using, cut a few lash clusters using the Size Guide ruler on the lash box. Have at least 2-3 pieces cut before applying Bond.


Bonding Time

It's time to apply your Barely There!

Make sure you start with clean lashes. Apply a few coats of the Bond as you would mascara under your lashes depositing more product on the base of your lashes. Then apply bond on the top of the band of the lash cluster.

*For your first application, we recommend using less bond so you can experiment with application if need be!


Barely There How To


Application Time

Start your application from your outer lash corner.

Grab your lash cluster with your applicator and line it up under your lashes slightly higher than your waterline. Apply the lash cluster underneath your lashes in an upward motion (similar to a mascara application gesture)

*If you apply on the waterline it will not be comfortable, lightly tug the cluster off and start again.

Barely There How To

When applying each cluster, you should slightly overlap them so they connect and there are no gaps. It's completely up to you how many clusters you use!

If you are having trouble, try our foolproof blinking technique.


After your lashes are applied, it's time to seal them.


Seal the Deal

Seal with our sealant on top and bottom of lashes. A little sealant goes along way! 


Barely There How To


After Sealant is applied, squeeze your natural lashes and barely there together with your fingers or a clean applicator. 

PRO TIP: Apply some sealant on your applicator before squeezing.

Barely There How To

You wore them and loved them, and now it's time to remove them!


Removing Barely There

How to remove video here

Have patience! Just like soaking off nails, these lashes need to soak in remover.

Apply our remover generously by rolling the applicator on the top and the bottom of your lashes. Let sit for 1-3 minutes. Repeat until lashes melt off. For faster removal grab lower lash band and pull up when loose.

Our bond is similar to tubing mascara technology. The bond starts to loosen after the remover sits and will slide off like tubes. Repeat until lashes and bond are removed. Use a cotton round or lash rescue to clean off any stubborn excess glue.

BONUS: With nourishing ingredients like Jojoba Oil, our remover also doubles as a lash serum. Apply to clean lashes for an extra boost of lash health!

 Barely There How To


If you are still having difficulting with your Barely there schedule a 1:1 virtual lesson with the founder by emailing with your order number and your request.