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Rosalia is a medium length, flared lash in the FAUXTENSIONS Collection with a black band. She has clusters of vegan fibers for a lash extension look. She is tapered, multi layered, and always curled to blend with your natural lashes.


  • Effortlessly Lightweight
  • Premium Comfort
  • Easy to apply with GIMME Band
  • Reusable 
  • Lasting Curl
  • Durable  

 *Glue sold separately 

The FAUXTENSIONS Collection was designed to give you a lash extension look without the time, hassle and money of salon extensions. Now you can have the extension look without appointment or experience necessary!



Unlike other lashes, FAUXTENSIONS can handle mascara. Feel free to load up your mascara before and/or after application




Step 1: Remove lash by gently pulling the outer corner of the band

Step 2: Size for eye and cut from inner or outer corner depending on the desired look and length

Step 3: Apply layer of glue on lash band and dry for 1-2 minutes until glue is tacky


Step 4: While glue is drying, curl lashes and apply mascara


Step 5: Apply lash with fingers or applicator starting from center of lash, then securing outer corner then inner

Optional: Use fingers or applicator to pinch real lashes together with GIMME LASH to bond them together. Use eyeliner under the lash line for a seamless look


Removal & Care

Step 1: Remove GIMME LASH by applying micellar water on a cotton round and gently apply pressure to eyelid


Step 2: After the lash glue is loosen, gently pull lash off

Step 3: Clean glue off lashes by using micellar to soak the band, this is only necessary if there is a lot of lash glue build up after several wears

Step 4: Store your lashes in your GIMME LASH tray