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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers straight from our Co-Founders

Are lashes safe for sensitive eyes?
Yes! Our co-founder Courtney has extremely sensitive eyes. Our lashes are hypoallergenic and our formulas are clean. Full ingredient list can be found on product pages.
Should I still wear mascara with false lashes?
It is optional to wear mascara with false lashes, but we recommend applying some to your natural lashes to blend more easily to false lashes. Please see tutorial on how to page.
Are lashes glasses friendly?
Yes! Even our longest lashes are curled enough that they won't hit into your glasses
Will false lashes damage my natural lashes?
If you use Quick Grip Liner there is no damage removal! However, if you are opting for glue, you will need to soak the lash band in micellar water or makeup remover until glue loosens. When a corner is loosened, gently pull lash strip off to remove.
Are lashes harmful to your eyes?
No! We recommend you clean your false lashes after each use with makeup remover or micellar water to avoid bacteria build up.